Sending files the easy way...
Sending files is easy with our transfer service

Sending us your files really couldn't be easier. All you need to do, is click the button below to load up our 'we-transfer' service - by clicking the button below a new page will load up where you will see the box shown opposite.
Simply click the 'add files' button to navigate your computer and select the files you want to send us. You can add up to 15 files at a time, and these can be mixed of images, Zip file, Word documents, etc.
Once you have added your files, all you then need to do is add your email address in the 'Your Email' box. (Do not change the address for sending the files to, otherwise we will not get them)
Once you have attached your files you can then click the 'transfer' button - Once these start sending, depending on the size of your files and your internet connection, you will be given an estimation of how long this will take. Please note: Do not close the transfer window until your transfer is complete.

Click here to launch the 'wetransfer' service.